4. Genesee Valley Landscapes

158 images Created 12 Apr 2019

Genesee Valley is one of the most beautiful, still mostly wild places on Earth. I was born in Genesee, one of less than a dozen people who were since the 1800s. Starting in 2009, I have been photographing this pristine mountain valley for over 10 years. The upper end of Genesee Valley predominantly consists of the Heart K Ranch, owned by the Feather River Land Trust, which conserves land all over the Feather River Region. In the last few years the town of Genesee, the Genesee Store and the Hosselkus Ranch, also known as the Clay Ranch, Neff Ranch and now the Genesee Valley Ranch, has passed into new ownership. The Palmaz family known for the Palmaz Stent and Palmaz Vineyards in Napa Valley, sustainably manage an organic Wagyu beef cattle herd and are restoring the historic structures of the original pioneering Hosselkus Ranch. The Palmaz family licensed 165 of my landscape photographs of Genesee, as well as other images of the Genesee Store, cows, barns and outbuildings that make Genesee a peaceful and unforgettable paradise.
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